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A neat, feature-rich legal industry search engine and community designed to showcase your business in style.

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Unlike many of our competitors charging $15 – $150 per lead, Aussie Lawyer Directory is a low yearly subscription fee. Even comparing our subscription with Australia’s popular directory websites you will quickly see that were offering the deal of a lifetime. But hurry, it wont last long

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Simple Option
Perfect for all legal businesses


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Constantly Developing

The team at ALD are dedicated to your success. We are constantly working with the legal industry and the general public to help improve the resource. If you would like to see an improvement PLEASE get in touch and we will have a coffee with you.

Major Marketing Partnerships

1,000’s of eyeballs hit our seacrch engine every day. With well over 6,000 lawyer listings and growing daily, Aussie Lawyer Directory has quickly become the number #1 law search engine for the Australian public. There’s every reason to to be listed on Aussie Lawyer Directory.

Awesome Support

Need help setting up? Our support staff is top notch. Were all marketing experts and based in Melbourne. Hey we can even build out your listing page for you achieving maximum results.
Hows that for service!


Number #1 Baby

Aussie Lawyer Directory is fast becoming Australia’s number #1 legal search engine!

Due to our enormous success and rock solid marketing team we are proud to have become the most trusted promotional tool for law firms and legal professionals.

The legal industry is can be very niche driven and you need to find highly targeted clients to suit your law expertise FAST.

The Aussie Lawyer Directory search engine is highly effective and helps everyday people find the best targeted law firms in their local area quickly. The plus side of this for YOU is this person is also your perfect customer!

“Listing our partnership with ALD was the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make. The sheer quality of the leads was what sold it for me.”

— James Hillier, T&T Partners

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You’re in good company

Join thousands of satisfied customers now using ALD.

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That’s not all…

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