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Employment Law Jobs

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Many from around the world flock to Australia looking for promising careers and a great life style. Law jobs among many other career options are among the most rewarding jobs.

One could opt to become a law clerk, opt for family law jobs, tax lawyer or seek any other paralegal jobs with some established and leading law firms in the country. Talking about the Employment Law Job, the legal system of Australia is much similar to like that of English Common Law. High court is the apex court where all appeals are heard for and decided. Lawyers are often termed as barristers or solicitors. The lawyers in general do the following tasks:

  • Provide legal help as part of Legal Jobs
  • Draft and prepare legal documents, agreements etc.
  • Negotiates legally
  • Vetting of documents
  • Represent clients in court and every where it is legally required for.
Employment Law Jobs

How to Become a Qualified Lawyer?

Aspiring candidates or individuals looking for Employment Law Job could enrol in one of the law colleges of Australia offering a degree in law (LLB). The duration of the undergraduate course is four years. Those seeking post graduate degree could shorten the duration, but that depends upon the subjects taken. The Legal Jobs subjects cover topics like: Criminal law, Contracts, Torts, Property, Equity, Constitutional law – both federal & state, Evidences, Civil procedures, Company law and Professional conduct.

Law Jobs applicants including all tax law jobs should be above eighteen years of age, must have obtained recognised academic qualifications and must have obtained practical internship or familiarisation training. Besides, it is highly recommended that applicants be of good character as they would be required to provide references in support.

Work as an intern:

On completion of the law degree aspiring students or individuals seeking Employment Law Job are expected to complete any of the options below :

  • Must have a year’s experience of working as a clerk in any law firm.
  • Must have obtained a year’s experience of trainee ship (or through supervised workplace training).
  • Must have completed a legal training course that is practical and an approved one.

Law Jobs applicants including those with aspirations for commercial law jobs should enrol in a law firm to gain internship. This will enable them to learn all the intricacies of legal jobs in terms of court procedures, filing of petitions, preparing applications, learn formalities involved in obtaining court order abstracts etc.

Perks and benefits within the Government:

All Australian citizens who obtain a security clearance from the Government are eligible to apply. Being employed with the Government comes with lots of perks and benefits:

  • On attaining superannuation employees get benefited with 15.4% from the employer’s contribution.
  • Employees getting benefited with above employers contribution must not be members of PSS, CSS or PSSap
  • Employees are entitled to allowances of $300 against telephone usage for official purposes. This amount is taxable.
  • Employees are entitled to Government’s Profitability bonus.
  • Those with international qualifications can also seek legal jobs that include construction law jobs, but must consult the concerned authority first.
  • Under certain classifications employees are entitled to a bonus based on individual performance.
  • It covers 20 days of recreation leave and personal leave of 18 days every year.
  • Those employees with a service period of 10 years or more are entitled for service leave for duration of 3 months.
  • Maternity leave
  • Employees under Government service are entitled for more such benefits that are not listed above.

Perks and benefits of Legal Jobs with some leading private firms can be viewed by visiting the Australian Lawyers Directory.

Aussie Lawyer Jobs

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