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Criminal Law

Various types of criminal laws.

Laws that govern any kind of crime are referred to as criminal laws. Any type of wrongful act done against the interests of the public comes under this kind of law. Criminal law solicitors are the ones who safeguard the public interests against any crime as per these laws. Other terms used for such kind of law, to distinguish whether an act performed is criminal or not, is penal law. This law helps in distinguishing whether the act is criminal or not. If a person is found guilty, sentence is given as per the decision of the court.

Criminal laws cover all types of offences that may be committed by an individual. Any crime is against the state and if the criminal gets punished, it becomes vengeance for a state. A common Federal criminal law governs the entire state. However, there are many other criminal laws cases which are tried in a court. Such crimes are usually classified as:

  • General offences
  • DUI offences
  • Physical offences
  • White collar offences
  • Miscellaneous offences

General offences – This is the first and most common set of criminal law cases.. It includes kidnapping, aggravated assault, manslaughter, and murder, robbery, resisting arrest, theft, false statements and embezzlement. All these fall under the title of general offences.

DUI/Traffic offences – There are many crimes which fall under the category of DUI offences. Such offences mainly include drag racing, aggravated DUI, driving on suspended license, aggravated driving, endangerment, extreme DUI or even reckless driving. Apart from these, there are also a few other such crimes committed by the people.

Physical offences – Any crime committed by going against the chastity of any person is referred to as a physical offence. If you are a man or a woman and feel physically offended by any person, physical offence can be tried under criminal law. It can include various allegations raised by people such as physical abuse, molestation, misconduct with a child, public indecency, and public misconduct with minor or related computer crimes.

White collar crimes – Another set of criminal laws cases govern and manage white collar crimes. These crimes are also referred as environmental crimes by many people. Few types of white collar crimes which are managed and handled by a criminal law firm include extortion, criminal law schemes, professional licencing issues, fraudulent schemes, regulatory crimes and money laundering.

Miscellaneous offences – Any of the crimes which do not fall in any of the above mentioned categories are a part of these offences. Hand robberies, manslaughter, perjury and common computer crimes usually fall under this category. Depending on the degree of crime committed by such criminals, they are being charged for their crime.

If you are charged with any of the above mentioned crimes, only good criminal laws attorney can help you out. Although anyone can file a case but seeking help and assistance of a good attorney becomes essential if you are terribly abused or booked for any specific crime. To help you find such a lawyer, you would do well to turn your attention to the Australian Lawyers Directory.

Criminal Laws

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