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Business Law

Taking Heed of Business and Small Business Laws in Australia.

In order to succeed in the business world, you need to understand business laws, including product disclosure laws and small Business Law. This will also include employment laws and industrial relations. Business lawyers in Australia apply their legal advice to further the interest of their business clients. Further to this business owners need to learn what is involved in making sound business decisions and what the conduct of persons and businesses should be towards Australian business law across a broad range of industries.

According to prominent commercial lawyers, business laws should focus on trade practise laws (internationally and locally), and go on to regulate businesses with regards to their take on environmental protection, corporate law and taxation, occupational health and safety issues, and any other areas that are emerging currently.

Seven key areas of business laws any business owner should know are the following:

  • Consumer and Competition Laws
  • Laws pertaining to the environment (Dangerous Goods Act 2008, Contaminated Land Management Act 1997)
  • Intellectual Property such as the Trade Marks Act of 1995 and the Copyright Act of 1968
  • Protection of Assets such as the Succession Act of 2006 and the Corporations Act of 2001)
  • Tax Administration Act of 1953 as well as the Income Tax Assessment Acts of 1936 and 1997
  • Industrial Relations such as the Workers Compensation and Long Service Leave Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Acts

Severe penalties are normally imposed on businesses who do not adhere to the small Business Law or main business laws.

In breaching the Australian Business laws It can set you back with as much as a $1.1 million AUD fine for corporates or $220,000 fine for individuals. Whereas the penalty for breaching a competition can be as high as $10 million AUD.

With regards to Environmental legislation, the penalties imposed involving criminal sanctions would include jail terms and not just pecuniary fines

Just take the recent Australian Occupational Health and Safety laws which came into effect 1 January 2012 and was only put into action in Tasmania since January 2013.

The new act that was implemented is applicable to a PCUB (person conducting an undertaking or Business). Who would this new law apply to? Well, it could include a company, partnership, sole trader, volunteer association or organisation – refer to the full act for further classification. The main objective of the PCUB is for the protection of the health and safety of the workers and anyone else who are affected by organisational activities. Officers within various organisations need to take care that they  contribute and meet their respective obligations with regards to the PCUB.

Anyone interested in starting a small business in Australia would need to adhere to the various business laws in an attempt to stay on the right side of the law. For this it would be necessary to make use of the expertise and advice of a reputable commercial lawyer which can be sourced by visiting the Australian Lawyers Directory. It is much better to invest your time and make the effort needed to find a reputed source than having to deal with fly by night firms that will just take your money and run.

Business Laws

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