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Australian Law

Understanding the Aspects of Australian Laws for Child Support

The Australian laws pertaining to child support are strict. All such legalities are handled by an agency known as the ‘Child Support Agency’. Child support law comes into application when a married couple is either being divorced or separated. In case of unmarried couple when the cohabitation comes to an end, the laws for child support comes into practise. Each parent under the circumstance of separation should be aware about the laws that cover child support.

What are Australian laws for child support?

Given the situation there can be different people eligible for the child support order. It can be either of the parent or both who take care of a child. It can also be a relative who willingly takes care of a child. In certain cases there is either state’s or territory’s child welfare officer eligible for it. It is upon the court to decide whether which party or parties are entitled to pay for the child support.

As mentioned earlier the Child Support Agency or the CSA manages every aspect of child support. However, in cases where the CSA is unable to assess the beneficiary, by Australian law books the family court is allowed to step in. This is applicable even for couples who have been separated and have had children prior to October 1, 1989. The agreed parties for the child support have to register themselves with the CSA before 14 days of amendment or creation of law.

What are the rules associated with child support?

Rule of Expiry or Termination:

Considering the several Australian cases; the following order has been passed. As per the child maintainer order it is applicable till the time the child turns 18 years.  Also the order will terminate if the child marries or begins a similar relationship to that of marriage. The order will also end if the child is adopted.

Rule of Extension:

If the court finds it necessary, it has full authority to extend the order. This is applicable in case where the child needs any additional support in order to finish his or her schooling. Also if the recipient i.e. the child has any kind of physical or mental challenges the order can be extended. The Australian legal personnel are appointed to estimate the care levels. The report is then forwarded to the court and the decision is established.

The support group or the agency ensures that fair and accurate assessment is offered to the court. Both parents abilities are tested to prove the better provider of child’s maintenance. Each parent’s support income is calculated by subtracting the amount that has been decided on for self support. The support amount from each one of the parents is added and considered to be a support income. If there are more than one child the cost is calculated for each one of the children. The age of each child is taken into consideration and the requirements are determined. Depending on all the necessities required by each child as per the age group the support is offered as per the Australian laws. Lawyers that are located through using the Aussie Lawyers Directory knows the Australian law better than anyone else.

Australian Laws

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