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Medical Lawyer

Medical Lawyer – Why You Would Need Assistance in Cases of Clinical Negligence.

Medical Law or Health Law is there to protect the rights of both patients and doctors as far as medical malpractice is concerned. This is so, as not all medical errors can be seen as being negligent on the part of the practitioner. According to statistics, Australia has the highest rate of clinical negligence in the world as per the World Health Organisation. As many  as 18,000 people may die in hospitals in Australia, whereas around 50,000 Australians would suffer from permanent injury yearly due to medical negligence.

You can be sure that patients would need representation by a health lawyer or through medical negligence lawyers. Nine times out of ten, people are uninformed about the standard of care owed to them as patients by their physicians. They are blissfully unaware on what their rights are with regards to medical damages due to negligence from the doctor’s side. This your health lawyer will tell you. According to Health Law, common types of medical malpractice include a bad diagnosis or sub-standard care. In other instances it could be due to a lack of informed consent by the patient.

How Can Doctor Care Result in Medical Negligence?

Even physicians make mistakes and neglect to adhere to Medical Law regulations which may or may not result in a patient submitting a personal injury compensation claim.

This is exactly why Health Law would require the patient to take certain precautions and for the doctor to inform the patient of possible risks associated with a specific medical procedure. Cases Where Doctors Are Not Accountable There is a fine line between a doctor being held accountable for medical malpractice due to unacceptable levels of care and where the patient’s condition progressively gets worse during the course of treatment.

At times doctors will be unable to treat certain diseases let alone cure them. Not every patient respond in the same way to certain treatments that proved to be successful with others. If the doctor kept to their side of the bargain and took every reasonable care to ensure the patient got the best possible treatment, then they cannot be held liable in cases where the patient’s condition worsen.
In cases involving terminal illnesses and even deaths where the doctor correctly diagnosed it and provided the best medical care, the patient or, the surviving family cannot resort to clinical negligence, and lodge a claim against the physician who was responsible for this. The Medical Law is not in place as a way for a patient to get compensated for every illness under the sun.

Your lawyer will show you that these laws are there to provide protection when the treatment given falls short of acceptable medical standards. It is always better to consult the Aussie Lawyer Directory to ensure you get the best advice from your health lawyer as they have studied the necessary laws and would know when it would be safe to commence proceedings, and when it is best to leave it alone.

Medical Lawyer

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