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Compensation Lawyers in Australia

A compensation lawyer specialises in many different cases and circumstances where a claimant seeks compensation from a defendant, including workers compensation law.

This can cover a wide field; it may be personal injury due to the company’s negligence, unfair dismissal or discrimination or any situation where you are injured.

If you are working in Australia, The Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 protect you. It is essential that you ask your employer if you are covered should you be involved in an accident at work and whether the employer’s insurance company is reputable.

Should you be injured it is vitally important to secure the services of an experience workers compensation lawyer. If he decides to take on your case he will discuss the possibilities and explain what your rights are.

He will ask you if there were any witnesses and may contact them. This will be to your advantage should the matter go to court. Once your lawyer has all the facts and agree to take on your case he will give you a quote. Generally this is an hourly fee that is set by Australia.

He has the knowledge of how insurance company’s work. He will be on your side helping and guiding you to get the best compensation for your future recovery.

Australian workers, employees and labourers usually benefit from excellent care from the government. Australia is one of the first countries to encompass statutory compensation law. Every region in Australia has its own specific rules and regulations regarding workers compensation.

Compensation lawyers Brisbane will assist you if you were injured at work which was not your fault to the best of your ability. Many compensation lawyers work with a team of legal advisers in order to provide you with the best possible all round advice.

If you are not an Australian citizen and are involved in an accident at work you can be compensated under the Queensland Workers Compensation Scheme.

In Queensland all employers have to have Work Cover Insurance. It’s imperative to deal with a compensation lawyer who understands the differences between all the Acts, legal laws and can give you the most excellent possible legal advice for your claim. You could source such a lawyer by utilising the Aussie Lawyer Directory.

They will help and represent you with any claim with regard to neglect, employment-related, medical and insurance issues. Every case is different and would be handled with skills and compassion to ensure you are compensated justly and fairly.

A few compensation lawyers offer a “no win, no fee” representation. This is an option to obtain legal advice before running up huge legal fees. Many people are not aware of this option and don’t worry about claiming thinking it’s too much trouble.

Sydney has a number of excellent worker compensation lawyers should you require one. It’s useful to obtain referrals from colleagues and friends who will advise you would obtain the best results for your claim.

Even if you live outside Sydney, many workers compensation lawyers Sydney would gladly assist you to obtain justice.


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